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I have questions about:

Have I added a new employee or
has an employee’s job duties changed?

After you add an employee to RUN Powered by ADP® (RUN), you will need to select and confirm their workers’ compensation class code.

What are these class codes and why are they important?

Workers’ compensation class codes are three or four digit codes created by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI). In order to provide the correct rates, the NCCI created a standard classification system for different business types. These codes distinguish different job duties performed by employees and they also indicate the amount of risk each job or work environment may have. Insurance companies use these codes as part of the underwriting process to determine proper rates and help with premium calculations.

Should owners and officers be included or excluded from policy coverage?

For any questions you have regarding the inclusion or exclusion of owners and officers on your policy, contact ADPIA client service for assistance, as rules vary by state, type of business, and your individual needs.

Who is considered an independent contractor (1099) and
do I need to cover them on my policy?

Independent subcontractors (often referred to as a 1099 contractor) are contractors who run their own businesses and are hired to do a job for you, based on a specific or set job. It is very important that you determine whether the individuals/ contractors providing services are employees or independent contractors.

Keep in mind:

Independent contractors must provide proof they have their own workers’ compensation coverage, otherwise your policy will need to cover them.

If you need to cover them, contact ADPIA client service.

Proof of independent contractor coverage can be provided in the form of a Certificate of Insurance.

Please retain all Certificates of Insurance so you can provide them for your annual carrier workers’ compensation policy audit.

How is an on-the-job injury handled?

It is critical that you report the claim to your insurance carrier immediately after the injury.

If you do not see your carrier listed, contact ADPIA client service.

Carrier Claim Numbers
Amtrust (888) 225-2442 Hartford (800) 327-3636
Employers (800) 232-3085 Liberty Mutual (800) 266-2800
First Comp (888) 500-3344 Summit (800) 762-7811
Guard (800) 673-2465 Travelers (800) 787-2851