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How do I get a Certificate of Insurance?

Easily get secure, online access to your proof of coverage* 24/7/365. Log in to your RUN Powered by ADP® Payroll** account to create and manage all your certificates of insurance, plus view important information about your policies. Once you are insured with ADPIA as your broker, our self-service tool lets you:

  • Bypass phone service wait times with self-service online tools.
  • Create a new certificate immediately-or modify an existing one.
  • Easily email certificates of insurance to multiple recipients.
  • Instantly download, save and print certificates as PDFs.
  • Keep a detailed history of certificates to simplify your audit.

Why did I receive an audit notice?

Don’t worry, everyone gets an audit. A workers’ compensation audit is standard under the terms of the policy.
It’s required and conducted at least yearly by your insurance carrier.

One of the great benefits of using Pay-by-Pay is that your workers’ compensation premium payments are integrated with your ADP payroll. Pay-by-Pay uses your actual payroll data and insurance carrier rates to calculate your premiums — and that may help improve accuracy and minimize the chance of a surprise during the audit process.

Types of Audit

Your insurance carrier may conduct a workers’ compensation audit in the following ways:

Your carrier sends an auditor to your place of business to confirm the nature of your operations and collect your payroll documents for review.

Your carrier mails you a form to complete. This document may be found and completed on their website.

An auditor representative of your carrier contacts you by phone to ask questions and may refer to or require additional documentation.

Audit Responsibilities

The workers’ compensation audit is always between your business and your insurance carrier. Each carrier requires an audit at least every year.

While we help you gather much of the information you’ll need for your audit, you will still have some additional responsibilities.

Failure to comply with the audit may have a negative impact on your business, and put your coverage at risk.

Remember, if you have questions at any point during the audit, contact ADPIA client service.

Make sure you have all required documents to complete your audit.
During the audit process, the carrier may ask you to provide the following items.

These items can be found in the RUN Powered by ADP® payroll account (RUN):

  • Payroll records: employee payroll journal and summary, individual earning records, overtime payroll documents
  • Federal tax report: 941’s that would cover the audit period
  • State tax report: Quarterly unemployment tax returns

Other documentation you may need to provide:

  • Description of your business
  • Employee records: detailed explanation of job duties of each employee
  • Certificates of Insurance: for all subcontractors and independent contractors used during the policy period

Have I changed, added, or closed a location?

You need to have insurance coverage for all your locations. So, a new or changed location, or even a closed location, must be added or removed from your policy so that your insurance coverage and premiums are accurate and up-to-date.

It’s important that you contact ADPIA client service if you change or add a company location. Although you may add a location in your RUN payroll account, that change does not automatically update your insurance policy. Once you contact us with the changes, ADPIA client service will notify your insurance carrier to have your changes made.

Is my policy getting close to the renewal date?

Your insurance carrier will issue your policy renewal up to 30-60 days prior to the renewal date. The carrier will send you a renewal policy packet in the mail. Please review the policy thoroughly to ensure all information is accurate and correct. If you have questions regarding your policy renewal, our client service team will work together with you on your renewal.

If your policy is not being renewed by the carrier
Insurance carriers will evaluate and make decisions regarding your policy. In the event that your insurance carrier does not renew your policy, they will notify you with a non-renewal notice prior to the expiration of your policy.

At your request, we would begin working with you and our carrier partners to discuss potential coverage continuation options. If we are unable to place your coverage with a new carrier, we will let you know as soon as possible.

If you no longer need coverage
If you decide to not renew your policy, or your policy is no longer needed, it is still important for you to confirm policy cancellation details so your carrier does not continue to bill you based on estimated payroll and/or earned premium. Please call ADPIA client service for assistance.